Position Manuals

Position Manuals

The benefits of having an expert in your practice are numerous. A consultant should not be focused on doing things their way, they should be focused on improving the things you are doing right and identifying areas of improvement within your office. The best way to accomplish this is to have an industry expert onsite and in your reality.

However that is not always feasible, for any number of reasons in your office’s reality. So, with the full support of Michelle Shimmin, along with the team at Shimmin Consulting and their expertise in the industry we have developed a self-paced and self-learning option for all of the practices that need this type of solution with the ability to have a consultant partner with you directly.

We are offering all of the modules that you will need to impact the results in your practice. These modules include a video series that will walk you through step by step at your own pace. You can purchase these modules ala-carte or as a complete series. You will also be able to have consultant support and even onsite visits in your office to work with you on challenges in your practice and specific solutions for maximum results.

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