Customized Scheduling Templates

Author : Michelle Shimmin



  1. Work with your team to gather all current reporting and appointment classification information from your management software.
  2. Assess and evaluate production days and patient hours for greatest practice efficiency to coordinate with new customized schedule templates.  
  3. Provide recommendations on consolidating appointment classifications and types to create a configuration spreadsheet, which is used for your customized schedule templates. 
  4. Provide guidance and recommendations to your team on consolidating appointment types and patient statuses for most efficient scheduling protocols in your management software. 


Time Studies

  1. Provide your team with the time study documents and time study requirements for each appointment type to be completed. A time study for every appointment type is to be completed for each assistant 3 times.
  2. Evaluate time studies provided by your team. 


Customized Schedule Templates

  1. Create and deliver up to 4 customized schedule templates for your exclusive use.


Phone Training Sessions

  1. Provide up to 3 phone training sessions for your team on the implementation of the schedule templates into your management software.

Price $2495

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