Marketing Manual

Author : Shimmin Consulting


This Marketing program is meant to create a plan for your internal marketing resources, including time and finances. The manual is designed for an internal employee to be able to implement a successful marketing program in your office.

It will show you how to tap into the internal opportunities in your practice, your external opportunities in your community and with your patients and your professional partnerships to maximize your marketing dollars and time spent. Your goal should be to generate marketing strategies that touch on more than one group at a time. The ROI will be higher, reaching a broader audience, and your results are greater when addressing this in your marketing plan.

This will create a brand and improve practice recognition in your community. Marketing can be a very intimidating part of growing and building your practice. Clients understand the importance of marketing, however, most often lack experience in where to start, what provides the biggest impact, and what to do to ensure their marketing efforts are successful.

Price $250

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