How it works

Getting Started

  • Without an Account - It doesn’t take anything to get started. OrthoMasterminds has been created to be the complete Orthodontic and training solution. You are able to browse the entire website, contribute to the OrthoMasterminds Facebook group, watch all videos by educators on the collaboration page and post videos on the collaboration page as an educator, all without an account.
  • Creating an Account – It is easy to create an account. Just follow the Create Account link at the top of the page and follow the steps to get setup.
  • With an Account – In addition to all you can do without an account having an account also allows you to purchase any of the education videos, earn AGD/PACE continuing education credits and work towards your Mastermind certification. With an account you can also purchase any of the consulting modules as well as items from the marketplace.


What types of Accounts are there?

  • Individual Accounts – Individual accounts are best for individuals within a practice, or within the Orthodontic community that want to have the ability to purchase items ala-carte. With an Individual account, you will have the ability to purchase educational videos and earn CE credits, purchase any of the consulting materials and support, purchase items from the marketplace, register for and participate in Events.
  • Doctor Accounts – The Doctor account will allow you to be able to have a master account for one flat yearly investment to provide access to you and your staff to watch all videos in the educational section or OrthoMasterminds and earn CE credits by all your staff. The Doctor account will allow you to be able to track the progress of your staff’s continuing education progress, how many videos they have watched and how long they have viewed each video. Also included in the Doctor subscription is free access to all of our Live and Past Events. You will also be able to purchase any of the consulting materials and support, as well as purchase items from the marketplace.
  • Staff Accounts – A staff account can only be created within a Doctor account. Once a Doctor account has been created the administrator of that account will have the ability to create accounts for staff members to have the same unlimited access to the educational videos within OrthoMasterminds. Staff members will be able to track their progress and earn CE credits as they complete the educational videos.


What is Mastermind Certification?

  • What does it take to become a Mastermind and what does that mean? At OrthoMasterminds we believe that constantly improving your knowledge and skills is very important in being able to be a productive employee and provide a great patient experience. Becoming a Mastermind means that you have put in the work to improve your skills in the industry. We have developed 4 levels of Mastermind training which included combined training from our Education and Consulting Portals. Upon completion of these levels, you will receive in your account dashboard a certificate of completion for Mastermind Certification showing your hard work and dedication to the advancement of your professional growth.
    • Silver = 10 hours of training
    • Gold = 20 hours of training
    • Platinum = 30 hours of training
    • Diamond = 50 hours of training